Which Artist Will Win In 2011 Drummies?

Which Artist Will Win In The 2011 Drummies?

Who's the best rock drummer? Or Latin percussionist. We'll know soon as DDRUM!'s annual Drummie voting for 2011 is now open. Thousands of drummers will vote for the top players of the past year in more than twenty categories, from Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop drummer to Pop and Worldbeat Percussionist categories. Plus there are categories for the top new instruments and drumming DVDs and web sites. All voters will also automatically be entered in DRUM!'s amazing 20th Anniversary snare drum giveaway, featuring more than $19,000 in custom snare drm prizes. DRUM! and Drummmagazine.com users can vote here.

This year eleven drummers were inducted into the Hall of Fame, after having won five more times in a single category. These included Travis Barker (punk) Neil Peart (drummer of the year), Questlove (hip-hop), Chad Smith (funk) Josh Freese (Studio Drumset), Luis Conte (Studio Percussion) Airto (Jazz Percussion), Govanni Hidalgo (Latin Percussion), Joey Jordison (Metal), Dave Weckl (Jazz/Fusion), and Carter Beauford (Jam Band).

The complete press release about the 2011 Drummies is available here.

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