Will Hunt Issue A Survival Tale

DRUM! Magazine Reels In Will Hunt For November Cover; Discussing His Return To Evanescence

San Jose, Calif., -- Will Hunt has had the drum gigs that any drummer would want. He is known for his impressive recording credits: Black Label Society, Dark New Day, and Staind to name a few. And, now in the November issue of DRUM!, Hunt discusses his recording career and return to his drumming roots with Evanescence.

A few years ago Hunt, who had had a busy career for 15 years with groups such as Staind, suddenly stopped getting the call.For the first time he found himself without enough studio or road work, and his family finances suffering. Time pushed on and before Hunt knew it, a year and a half had passed without a gig. Hunt poignantly describes the challenges of what happens when it appears a long career has evaporated.

However, it all took a turn for the better when he was invited to rejoin Evanescence. And his drumming matured dramatically as he took on a new mindset. He switched to emphatic beats when needed in lighter sections of songs. He became very in tune with how to backup Lee’s vocals. In essence, he made a significant change to his approach where he put away the some of the style he'd developed when playing heavier music.

The November Issue featuring Will Hunt is hitting streets now and includes, as always, DRUM!’s dynamic coverage of other newsworthy drummers.

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