Winners Of The 2011 DRUM! Night Raffle

Winners Of The 2011 DRUM! Night Raffle

Mapex Meridian Maple

A whole bunch of 2011 DRUM! Night attendees went home very happy after winning some incredible drum and percussion gear awarded during the raffle. Here’s a list of the winners, and the prizes they went home with.

Mapex Meridian Maple Kit with Sabian AAX Cymbals: A. Salvato
Roland HD-1 Electronic Drum Kit: S. Smolen
DW 14" x 6.5" Collector’s Polished Bronze Snare Drum: J. Mate
Craviotto Diamond Cast Series Snare Drum: S. Schaeffer
Gretsch Chrome-Over-Steel Snare Drum: J. Ross-Lyons
LP Accents Armando Peraza Conga: J. Major
Sabian 16" AAX El Sabor Picante Hand Crash: Joeseph M.
Sabian 7" Radia Cup Chime: D. Lawery
Gibraltar Intruder Double Chain Cam Single Pedal: Jeff M.
LP Rio Stanton Moore Pandeiro: M. Piscitello
Brick of Vater 5B Wood-Tip Sticks: Elizabeth S.
Vater Stick Holder: J. Mate, Myers
Vater Stick Bag: H. Benich, Joe M., A. Bailey, R. Cormier
Brick of Vater Karl Perazzo Drumbale Sticks: R. Romano
LP Black Beauty Cowbell: M. Duncan
Remo Powerstroke Pro & CXS Batter Drumhead Set: Mikki M., K. Johnson
Vater 12" Chop Builder Practice Pad: Mark Y., S. Corchnoy
Brick of Vater 5A Los Angeles Sticks: L. Schroeder
Brick of Vic Firth Thomas Lang Signature Sticks: C. Smaller
Remo Powerstroke Pro & Emperor Drumhead ProPack: J. Vargas
Brick of Vic Firth Terry Bozzio Signature Sticks: M. Callaway
Pair of TaikoJam Tickets: A. Francke

The entire staff of congratulates the winners!

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