You Want Clinics? We Got Clinics!

The new year kicks off with a strong clinic and events lineup including stars such as Dave Weckl, Carl Allen, Chester Thompson and more.

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  • Key Date/Artist/Location/Contact/Phone/City/State or Country

  • Jan 23rd/Brian Fonzaglia/Palm Beach Central High School/James/561.304.1033/Wellington/FL
  • Jan 26th/Garey Williams/Mills Music/Bill/360.795.5451/Monroe/WA
  • Jan 27th/Rich Holly/Univ of Central Missouri/Michael/660.543.4681/Warrensburg/MO
  • Jan 28th/Chester Thompson/Long & McQuade/Tyler/403.244.5555/Calgary/AB
  • Jan 30th/Carl Allen/Wisconsin Day of Perc - Hudson H S/Ryan/715.377.3800/Hudson/WI
  • Jan 30th/Calvin Napper/Word of Promise World Outreach/Percy/704.618.0145/Charlotte/NC
  • Jan 31st/Steve Ferrone/LA Music Academy/Mike/626.568.8850/Pasadena/CA

  • Feb 2nd & 3rd/Derico Watson/Berklee College of Music/John/617.747.8328/Boston/MA
  • Feb 2nd-4th/Michael Spiro/Univ of Akron/Larry/330.872.6939/Akron/OH
  • Feb 4th-6th/John Santos/Sitka Jazz Festival/Terry/907.747.3653/Sitka/AK
  • Feb 6th/Greg Giannascoli/NY Day of Perc - Sayville High School/Anthony/516.909.6988/West Sayville/NY
  • Feb 6th/Greg Giannascoli/NJ Day of Perc - Fanwood High School/Vincent/908.889.8600/Scotch Plains/NJ
  • Feb 15th/Dan Smithiger/McKendree Univ Day of Perc/Daniel/618.979.4968/Lebanon/IL
  • Feb 16th & 17th/Bob Becker/Univ of Wisconsin/Anthony/608.263.1886/Madison/WI
  • Feb 19th/Dave Weckl/Peaks Jazz Festival/Caleb/801.860.0840/Orem/UT
  • Feb 20th/Dom Famularo/Big Apple Music/John/315.794.5693/New Hartford/NY
  • Feb 27th/Jim Riley/Henri's Music/Green Bay/WI
  • Feb 27th/Brian Zator/North Texas Perc Festival - Forney High School/Mario/972.564.3890/Forney/TX
  • Feb 27th/Brian West/North Texas Perc Festival - Forney High School/Mario/972.564.3890/Forney/TX
  • Feb 28th/Zoro/Campbell's Morrell Music/Brandon/423.929.1083/Johnson City/TN

  • Feb 3rd/Mark Schulman/AB Music - Adams - Ittervoort/The Netherlands
  • Feb 4th/Mark Schulman/AB Music - Feedback - Rotterdam/The Netherlands
  • Feb 5th/Mark Schulman/AB Music - Rockamusic - Namur/Belgium
  • Feb 6th/Mark Schulman/AB Music - Musiekmetropool - Culemborg/The Netherlands
  • Feb 6th & 7th/Scott Brown/Majestic Holland B.V. - contact Peter/31.513.468031/The Netherlands
  • Feb 16th/Pete Zimmer/Royal Academy of Music, Marylebone Road/London/United Kingdom
  • Feb 16th/Cajon 1 - Franz Schubert Konservatorium Wien/676.6900712/Vienna, Austria
  • Feb 17th/Pete Zimmer/Trinity College of Music, attn. Simon/London/020 8305 4370/United Kingdom
  • Feb 18th/Pete Zimmer/Birmingham Conservatoire, Paradise Place/Birmingham/United Kingdom
  • Feb 19th/Pete Zimmer/Leeds College of Music/Leeds/07590 683949/United Kingdom
  • Feb 20th/Carmine Appice/Tam Tam Drum Show/Montlucon/France
  • Feb 21st/Carmine Appice/Musique and Music/Nevers/France
  • Feb 23rd/Cajon 1 - Franz Schubert Konservatorium Wien/676.6900712/Vienna, Austria
  • Feb 27th/Georg Edlinger/Cajon 1 - Amstettner Musikhaus/676.6900712/Kochgasse, Austria


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