Zildjian Relaunches Website With Direct Sales

Zildjian Relaunches Website With Direct Sales To U.S. Customers

By Andy Doerschuk Published November 2, 2010

I remember many moons ago sitting in the conference area of Zildjian’s NAMM exhibit to see the preliminary design for the company’s very first web site. At the time it seemed like just about the coolest thing I’d ever seen, and over the years each iteration just got cooler. And now, for the umpteenth time, the company has launched a whole new version that is by far the sleekest and most easy to navigate yet. They’ve beefed up the artist profiles, configurations, and videos, now offer online warranty registration, and allow users to review Zildjian products. But the biggest breakthrough that is unique among percussion manufacturers (at least at for the time being), Zildjian now has an online store for U.S. customers to buy all Zildjian products direct from the company. Go to zildjian.com and see for yourself.

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