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Pursuit Of The Perfect Drum Sound

Finding the perfect bass drum sound requires many different microphones for many songs. Learn how to get the best sound you can here.

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Roger Linn: The Technician As Musician

In one fell swoop, Roger Linn altered the course of recorded drums and forced drummers to rethink their strategies forever with his invention of the LM-1 Drum Computer.

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I Dream Of Drum Machines

We talk to beatbox fanatic and author Joe Mansfield about the drum machine debate.

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How To Add Life To The Machine

You don't have to love it, but you can make programmed drum parts groove with this How-To guide on adding life to your machine.

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KAT: kt3 Digital Drum Set

Norman Weinberg says the kt3 has a solid construction, a strong drum and percussion sound set, and all the essentials for practicing, playing live, or using it as a drum set controller in a recording situation.

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Tips From The Control Room

Garret Haines tells us the ten things to know before going into the recording studio.

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The 10 Biggest DAW Mixing Mistakes

Jim Aikin tells us the 10 biggest DAW mixing mistakes, and how to keep from making them to produce great tracks at home.

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Low-Dough Drum Miking Shootout & Tutorial

We check out a few inexpensive drum-miking setups with a DIY approach which will teach a great deal about sound.

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Dialed In: New Gear Spotlight

We check out the latest product offerings from Zildjian Gen16, Aquarian, and Auralex.

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Electronic Drum Kits For Under $500

The world of electronic percussion has never been more accessible than now, with e-kits going for less than $500. Check out some of the best below.