KAT: kt3 Digital Drum Set

Norman Weinberg says the kt3 has a solid construction, a strong drum and percussion sound set, and all the essentials for practicing, playing live, or using it as a drum set controller in a recording situation.


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Low-Dough Drum Miking Shootout & Tutorial

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Dialed In: New Gear Spotlight

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Electronic Percussion

Electronic Drum Kits For Under $500

The world of electronic percussion has never been more accessible than now, with e-kits going for less than $500. Check out some of the best below.


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Drums In The Key Of (Stevie) Wonder

PC Muñoz collaborates with drummer Kevin Carnes and recording engineer Willie Samuels for a Stevie Wonder-inspired song called "New York Times."

Electronic Percussion

Don’t Pull That Trigger!

Mike Snyder gives us the skinny on understanding and tweaking drum trigger settings to find the perfect electronic drum sound.


In The Studio: Mayorga, Philips, and Bottrill

Stone Sour drummer, Roy Mayorga and his crack production team lay out the nuts and bolts of capturing perfection on the band's latest project.