Phase Interference: Don’t Phase Me, Bro

Jake Wood teaches us how to properly phase herd, by repositioning mikes and overheads, using placement strategies, and simply flipping the phase switch.

Electronic Percussion, Video

Gen16 Pickup: Eliminate Cymbal Spin

L.A. drummer Jamey Tate talks about how to eliminate cymbal spin for Zildjian’s Gen16 Direct Source Pickup.


Create Loops That Sound Organic

Mike Snyder gives us some shortcuts and tips to help optimize the drum looping process. Here you'll find the perfect method for creating an acoustic-sounding loop.


Studio Tip: Reamping The Snare

If you want to give a lifeless-sounding or monodimensional snare track a bit more pizzazz, there’s an organic way to go about it.


Drum Sample Replacement Workshop

Finch drummer, experienced mixer, engineer, and producer Alex Pappas reveals his method for seamlessly and organically replacing live drums with samples.

Electronic Percussion, Video

Kenny Aronoff Shreds On A Yamaha DTX Kit

First-call session ace Kenny Aronoff demonstrates the power and expressiveness of Yamaha’s DTX System e-kit in this live power-trio performance video


The Hybrid Orchestral Percussionist

Follow percussionist Andrea Centazzo's journey to achieve the perfect blend of electronic and acoustic instruments on stage.


In-Ear Monitoring For Control Freaks

With so many in-ear monitoring options on the market, where does one start? Easy – begin with this essay on in-ear monitoring solutions for drummers.

Electronic Percussion, Video

How To Apply Gen16 Pickups To Percussion

L.A. session ace Russ Miller demonstrates how Zildjian’s Gen16 Direct Source Pickup can be applied to other percussion instruments besides cymbals.


Monitor Level Calibration Secrets

Garrett Haines reveals a secret technique that separates professionals from hobbyists, involving setting up your playback system in a specific way.