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Zildjian Gen16 Cymbals: The Real Deal

L.A. studio-and-session ace Jamey Tate sheds light on why Zildjian’s Gen16 cymbals live up to their “acoustic electric” reputation.

Electronic Percussion, Video

Russ Miller Debuts The Direct Source

Russ Miller demos the Direct Source pickup from Gen 16.


DIY: Acoustic/Electric Hybrid Kit Tips

Karen Stackpole shows how to outift your acoustic drum kit with electronic capabilities and open the door to a whole new realm of possibilities.


Studio Tips: How To Capture Your Kick

Studio pros Rob Tavaglione, Cameron Webb, Russ-T Cobb, Mike Plotnikoff, and Mark Trombino offer their tips for miking and recording bass drums.


Studio Tip: Drum Miking Top To Bottom

The renowned record producer Steve Albini shares his personal tips for miking drums from both the batter and resonant heads to achieve a pure sound.


App Crackle Pop: The Best iPhone Music Apps

Jake Wood gives us an updated breakdown of the best music apps for the iPhone to help shepherd us into the brand spankin' new mobile 2013.


Enhance Your Studio Sound Using Ambience

Learn how your sound can be made bigger than life by using a simple miking approach that captures both the kit and the ambience of the tracking room.


Cutting Through The White Noise Of In-Ears

There are many in-ear monitor (IEM) options available, and depending on your budget and needs, there is something in the mix for you. Find out here.

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Pat Skeffington Cuts New Scale The Summit Tracks

Go behind the scenes as Pat Skeffington tracks drum parts for the upcoming release by the instrumental progressive metal band Scale The Summit.


Billy Ward: Four Ways To Prepare For The Studio

Are you about to go into a recording studio? Do you want to build a career as a session drummer? Then pay heed to Billy Ward’s top four studio tips.