Billy Ward: Four Ways To Prepare For The Studio

Are you about to go into a recording studio? Do you want to build a career as a session drummer? Then pay heed to Billy Ward’s top four studio tips.


EQ Explained: All Things Are Not Equal

Kevin Ratterman touches on some fundamental truths about the topic of equalization to help you optimize your studio drum sounds.


How To Re-create Drum Sounds Of The 1970s

A step-by-step guide to getting that vintage, 1970s drum sound of funky disco bliss — covering everything from gear to recording tricks.


Get A Fat Kick Sound Using Studio Science

If you want your bass drum to explode with big lows and a punchy attack, try this two-microphone technique. And be sure to have a calculator handy.


Studio Report: Recording The Robo-Kit

Learn how to take your acoustic/electric aspirations into the next century with the unique percussive underpinning of the "robo-kit".


Sascha Konietzko On Programming KMFDM

Sascha Konietzko, mastermind behind dark techno band, KMFDM, shows us a little bit about being in band whose source of rhythm comes from programming.


The Impact Of Effects On Recorded Drums

Great recorded drum sounds often make subtle use of effects. Here we look at what they are, how to send signals to them, and use them musically.

Electronic Percussion

Making Friends With A Drum Machine

Norman Weinberg gives us a dozen ideas for making a drum machine into the most flexible metronome you've ever seen, and quite a useful tool.


Pro Studio Tips With Ron Krasinski

Studio king and drumming veteran, Ron "The Pocket Protector" Krasinski, teaches us how to record for shows and sessions in all styles.


Tech Tips: How To Mike Drums Onstage Like A Pro

In this thesis, we examine not only which microphones to choose and how to place them around the kit, we analyze your kit and how to tune your drums..