Erskine, Phillips, Garcia & Latham: Favorite Mikes

As the audio input devices that allow drums and percussion to be heard on huge stages as well as intimate studios, microphones are critical to communicating the exact feel that goes into a cymbal strike, snare stroke or conga hit. Miked correctly, the rhythms resonate through the recording, club or arena with maximum effectiveness; miked incorrectly, well, you know it when you hear it. Some drummers consider microphones equally if not more important than the drums themselves in self-expression, and a deeper understanding of these devices can be an important step towards a better knowledge of your own playing style and unique sound.


George Borden: Simple Miking Tips

Anyone working on a recording can benefit from the sage advice of a seasoned professional — especially when it comes to getting great drum sounds in the studio.


Tracy Broussard: Mic Tips From The Road

In 2009, this Sennheiser drummer/endorser went from playing in small Nashville clubs to being on the road with Blake Shelton with a drum kit full of Sennheiser evolution microphones.