Choosing Drum Mikes For Live Performance

Choosing drum mikes for live performance can seem daunting at first. With so many different choices, it's hard to know which mike is the right mike. It's important that drummers choose the right mike because good drum sounds don't simply impact a player's tone, but they also inspire performance. The better a drummer sounds, the better he or she will play. Here we layout the four different types of microphone setups for live performance, including frequency charts for each mike and basic miking knowledge.

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Getting The Details: Alesis DM-10 Pro

Last year we interviewed Alesis engineer Jim Norman, at a time when he was hard at work on the DM-10 Pro Kit and other new models they have since introduced. One of the great features of this kit is the ability to download new sounds to the module, direct from your computer. Alesis has produced one of the best product demos, we've seen lately, so we thought we'd share it with you here. (By the way, that's Alesis VP Gregg Stein behind the kit--still playing great.).


The TD-20SX Interview: Steve Fisher

Roland electronic drums product manager Steve Fisher has been helping design and market their award-winning electronic drums for more than a decade. His background in drumming includes holding down the drum chair in the jazz band at North Texas State (where he followed a guy named Gregg Bissonette) and recording with artists such as [jazz trumpeter]. Today, he works out of Roland's LA office, but is often on the road, teaching clinics and spreading the gospel of Roland drums. We wanted to find out more about the development of their new TD-20SX series. The interview was conducted by email.


Roland BA-330 Portable Digital PA

Roland Corporation is making portable musicmaking easier than ever with its BA-330 Portable Digital PA System. Using Roland’s improved battery technology, the BA-330 is an all-in-one portable PA solution for music venues, worship events, conferences, seminars, business meetings, and much more.