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Every musician who graces the stage or the studio should have some basic understanding of audio engineering and the physics of sound. Part of that knowledge is the training of the ear to identify certain frequency bandwidths. Familiarity with these frequency registers can greatly enhance the ability of eliminating feedback, softening those abrasive hi-hats, and adding the sweet spot EQ bump to the kick. At Audiofile Engineering, the team has developed Quiztones, a unique app that quizzes user’s knowledge of the frequency spectrum with two different multiple-choice tests: 1) identifying individual frequencies by ear, and 2) the more creative test of picking a song from the iTunes library, then having the app pump it through various EQ bumps and dips at different bandwidths. The added feature of being able to A/B the song with and without the EQ is a nice touch.


iphone app

Oblique Strategies


What was once a deck of cards containing transcendentalist phrases created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt is now a must-have app for any freethinking musicians who find themselves hitting creative walls. Each e-card contains an open-ended solution to restarting the musical process from a new perspective. With fortune cookie style suggestions like “Slow preparation. Fast execution,” “Discover the recipes you are using and abandon them,” and my personal favorite, “Listen to the quiet voice,” it may just be that needed defibrillator to that dying, unfinished song.


iphone app

Splice Video Editor


Are you feeling pressured to still put out band-promo content while on the road but don’t want to bring the ol’ computer? Fret no more, for your prayers have been answered with Splice, a video editor that is as remarkably sophisticated as it is intuitive. Unlike other video apps, Splice’s number one selling point is the ability to add a soundtrack from the iTunes library, which means you can now make music videos from the phone. Additionally, users can combine multiple clips, add different transitions like cross fades and swipes, and even change the speed of clips to get that slo-mo shot of your bassist puking his guts out. And all that magic is within the realm of the free version.


There are so many music apps out there that it’s hard not to get overwhelmed by option-anxiety. Hopefully the medley of these breadwinners narrowed things down a bit and sparked a little creative excitement. Have fun with them, and don’t forget to look up once in a while.

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