DIY: Acoustic/Electric Hybrid Kit Tips

Example template:

The first three shoulder pads are assigned to three specific MIDI functions:
1. Click ON/OFF – strike to turn click track on or off. (Click is assigned to cue outs 3—4 in Ableton, which is sent to the headphone mix on audio interface.)
2. Stop Clips – Keeps the software and click track running, but turns off samples and/or loops in Ableton Live. (Useful in a master/slave MIDI clock setup if another person still wants to run their clips.)
3. Stop – Stops all sounds and clock from Ableton Live.
P1—P6 – these pads allow for six assignable free open MIDI messages to launch samples/loops in Ableton Live and/or to use the SPD-S onboard sounds.

Example of pad assignments:

Patch #64 – Song title “Noizy Stabber”
P1 — Ableton – drumbeat loop
– assigned MIDI note
P2 — Ableton – drumbeat loop with reverb – assigned MIDI note
P3 — SPD-S – CF card – airport sample
– MIDI note OFF
P4 — SPD-S – internal – drumbeat fill
– MIDI note OFF
P5 — SPD-S – internal – snare
– MIDI note OFF
P6 — currently not assigned

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