How To Re-create Drum Sounds Of The 1970s


Trying to pigeonhole an entire decade into one aesthetic style is an oversimplification, but many songs on the radio in the 1970s were dry, separated, and crisp. For sake of brevity I’ve divided ’70s sounds into two types: the classic ’70s sound (dry), and the alternative ’70s sound (open).

Disco Sound

Fig. 3 In the ’70s it was common to dampen the bass drum with foam or a pillow and place the mike deep inside.

Disco Sound

Fig. 4 Miking the snare bed is very helpful for recreating ’70s-era crispness. (Note the wallet on the batter head.)

Disco Sound

Fig. 5 Wrapping the bottom of the snare can help reduce bleed into the bottom mike.

Disco Sound

Fig. 6 Placing the mike up and into the drum was a common practice of the era.

Disco Sound

Fig. 7 The XY mike setup helps to ensure mono capability while giving a good stereo spread.


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