Kenny Aronoff Shreds On A Yamaha DTX Kit

Kenny Aronoff demonstrates the power and expressiveness of Yamaha’s DTX System e-kit in this live power-trio performance video featuring Aronoff’s former Melissa Etheridge bandmate Philip Sayce on guitar and Sayce’s longtime sidekick Joel Gottschalk on bass.


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  • As an old guy, have ta say, it’s a tribute to Hendrix and Mitchell! maybe even inspired by ‘Let me stand next to ya Fire’

    Does anyone know which rack system Kenny is using? it looks slimmer and less imposing than the usual one that I recall. It improves the appearance of the pads, and makes them appear to have more stage presence, it looks good.

  • Sorry about the delayed response, but I just heard back from our pal Bob Terry at Yamaha who gave me the following answer:

    “Kenny’s rack consists of 3 Tama cymbal stands with 2 Tama curved bars. The 2 curved bars are held on the 3 cymbal stands with Tama accessory clamps. The Yamaha DTX pad are mounted on Yamaha top tube mounts which are also held on the bar by Tama accessory clamps.”

    Hope that helps!

  • Thank you Andy for the detailed info, much appreciated!

    I’m familiar with the Yamaha and the Zildjian racks, even freezing the vid, I couldn’t tell how it was put together. Interesting to see that Kenny has another hi hat on his right, where one might have a ride cymbal.

    The lighting is atmospheric so the cables aren’t at all obvious, so I guess someone’s done a neat job with cable ties!