Rockin’ The Studio With Rich Redmond

Rich Redmond

The New Voice Entertainment team with artist Kristy Lee Cook (clockwise from left): Tully Kennedy, David Fanning, Jim Cooley, Cook, Redmond, and Kurt Allison.

Rich Redmond

Kristy Lee Cook in the vocal booth.

We Have Arrived …

Twelve years of dedication and struggle have paid off for Redmond and his production team, and have allowed them a little room to breathe when producing in the studio. “The drum chair is a tough chair in [Nashville], because you’ve got to get it, it’s got to be from the heart, it’s got to hug the click, and it’s got to be fast. And so it’s a cool luxury now to have our own budgets and have a studio that we work with all the time, and say, ‘You know what? Let’s take more time in picking that snare drum,’ or ‘Let’s experiment with these 20" crash cymbals.’ You’ve got a little bit more time on your hands, which is nice.”

Redmond pauses, then reflects on just how far the team has come. “It feels good for me, Kurt, and Tully to come from where we were playing for 29 people at the Exit Inn [a popular Nashville venue] to just playing for 29,000 hard tickets in Chicago. We’re like, ‘When did this happen?’ because it was so gradual. We met Jason Aldean in 1999, when he was a young, struggling singer/songwriter. Sometimes you just have to have persistence and patience and believe, because all those songs we were playing were the same [hit songs we play today], and all the suits were going, ‘We don’t hear it. I don’t see it.’ And then it all came around. You create your own destiny. If you’re willing to just put yourself out there and play from the heart, and you’re a good business person, you can do anything.”

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