Buying Guide: The Best iPhone Music Apps

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iPhone users are annoying. Look at them with their shiny black status symbols, absent-mindedly ignoring the world around them (pay attention to us normals!). As they smugly text a witty line that only those of privileged pedigree would enjoy, one begins to wonder if the user is in fact the biggest flaw of the iPhone. So momentarily suspend any anti iPhone hang-ups (pun intended) and check out the practicality of the vast array of iPhone music applications before Apple trademarks the letter ā€œiā€ and takes over the world.

Not surprisingly, the tides of iPhonia are turning, and the iPhone is becoming a legitimate tool for music making. Along with the hoopla of pointless yet adorably stupid games (see: Babyshaker), there are also intelligent music-making applications (apps) being released regularly, amazing even the most cynical of musicians (me) with their usefulness and accuracy. Various apps include tuners, metronomes, drum machines, synthesizers, MIDI controllers, and 4-track recorders. Unfortunately, there is an overabundance of apps performing essentially the same function (there are currently more than 34 tuners available from the app store), and it can be overwhelming trying to purchase the right app. Sifted with a painstakingly arduous testing regimen (thumb fatigue, anyone?), here is a presentation of the best music apps the iPhone has to offer.

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