Free Ableton Live 9.2 Update.

This free update brings improvements and additions to both Live and Push and is available for immediate download for all owners of Live 9. Coinciding with the release of Live 9.2, Ableton is also making available a free new Pack specially optimized to make extensive use of Push’s new 64 pad functionality. Assembled by finger-drummer extraordinaire Mad Zach, the 64 Pad Lab contains five Racks’ worth of high-quality drum samples, percussion, loops, and one shots. Here’s what’s new in detail:

Latency Compensation

Live 9.2 introduces a number of latency-related improvements. Sets that contain Max for Live devices or third-party plug-ins now have lower latency and automation is now fully latency compensated.

Improved Warping, New Tuner, Max 7 And More

Transients are punchier in Complex and Complex Pro modes, downbeat detection has been improved and warping is now even more accurate. The new Warp Selection command lets you warp a selected portion of a sample to a precise bar length. Along with further under-the-hood improvements, Live 9.2 comes with a handy new Tuner device while Max for Live now includes Max 7.

Also, in a new video, Mad Zach uses the 64 Pad Lab Pack to share strategies for playing with the 64 pad layout, tweaking individual sounds, as well as useful production tips for punchy drums.