Dialed In: New Gear Spotlight

dialed in

Instant E-Kit

The onHEAD PED (Portable Electronic Drumsurface) by Aquarian turns any snare drum or tom into a quiet yet expressive electronic pad. The FSR technology of the inHEAD combined with the proprietary New Bounce playing surface produces extreme sensitivity and wide dynamics while eliminating crosstalk or false triggering. Place the onHEAD PED on a stand, on a drum, on a table, heck, even in your hand. The low-profile design makes it easy to incorporate into any setup, and can be used with mounting hardware or without. When combined with Aquarian inBOX (required) and your favorite module, the onHEAD is a cost-effective solution for transforming any acoustic drum set into a professional e-kit.


dialed in

Quiet Beauty

Noise-dampening panel maker Auralex is rolling out its line of SonicPrint Acoustical Panels. Combining Auralex’s renowned acoustical treatment technology with custom-printed images, SonicPrint Acoustical Panels let you choose from Auralex’s art gallery or submit your design for a look that’s truly one-of-a-kind. SonicPrint panels help users control reflected acoustical energy in a way that optimizes the acoustical architecture of their room without sacrificing aesthetics. SonicPrint Acoustical Panels are available in a variety of custom sizes, and can be ordered through authorized Auralex dealers. Now you can rock out anytime of day or night in surroundings with maximum aesthetic appeal.


dialed in

Hybrid Hoedown

Drummers have more incentive than ever to check out Zildjian’s innovative Gen16 acoustic-electric cymbals now that the company has revised pricing for the entire line of box sets. The AE38 (13" hats, 18" ride), AE368 (13" hats, 16" crash, 18" ride), and AE480 (14" hats, 18" crash, and 20" ride) are now available at $549, $699, and $749, respectively. Each set includes pickup, channel cable snake, dampening pins, and digital cymbal processor kit. A Direct Source Pickup (DSP) is now available with the AE368-DS box set. The DSP utilizes a dual-head mini microphone to eliminate feedback, crosstalk, and phasing. Can be used with the existing Gen16 cymbals. The AE368-DS box set includes 13" hats, 16" crash, 18" crash/ride, three DSPs, cables, and the digital processor.