Guitarist Doug Lancio, known for his work with Patty Griffin discusses his new studio and recording techniques in the latest issue of Mix Magazine.

Like many artists/recorders today Doug takes an old-school approach, using as few microphones as possible rather than isolating and miking each drum individually. Here's what he had to say.

“I've got a way I like to record drums, really old school,” he says. “Only three mics: a Coles ribbon centered above the kit about seven feet up, a Shure SM57 set about 10 inches below the snare and pointed up, and a bass drum miked on the outside of the head. I stole this from Hiatt, and he stole it from The Beatles.

“I also like to use a bass drum with no front head and a second bass drum with both heads in front of the drum being played,” Lancio continues. “Just throw a blanket over both drums and place the mic inside the second drums, and it helps to create an airy, big, cushy sound. The top mic on the kit will have all the attack, ‘toppy’ stuff. It works very well with a light touch on the foot: more tone.”