Enter Music Network Adds Performance Drumming To Its Roster Of Sites

Performance Drumming

DRUM! Magazine’s Enter Music Network, the world’s largest ad network for drummers, today announced that it has recently added Performancedrumming.com to its roster of sites.

Performance Drumming focuses on today’s young YouTube video stars, emphasizing showmanship and accessibility. In addition, it offers unique MP3 backing tracks, and lessons from an exclusive teaching team. “They’re a perfect fit for the network,” says Phil Hood, President of Enter Music Network. “They target a young drumming audience and provide them with great content that offers immediate value.”

Performance Drumming was started by drummer Lenny Vitulli, a performer and teacher whose own videos of high-octane drumming theatrics have garnered a sizable web audience. “We try to keep on top of the drumming world and promote current artists,” Lenny says. “We’re very excited that our star teacher, Coop3rDrumm3r, is currently #1 on YouTube in terms of monthly growth, passing Cobus [Potgieter] and Meytal [Cohen].

World’s Best Sites

Advertisers can reach the entire world with Enter Music Network’s sites, which include DrumMagazine, Drumlink, Drumchannel, Drummercafe, Online Drummer, The Black Page, Performance Drumming, and Indian Drummer. Drummagazine.com alone is currently the largest North American drumming site with up to 200,000 visits per month, but the entire network can deliver more than twice that, plus millions of ad impressions. In addition, the EMN partners with other global affiliate sites when even greater ad capacity is required. The network also offers email services and video ads. Current advertisers on the Enter Music Network include: Alfred, Alternate Mode, Ayotte, Bach 2 Rock, Casico Interstate Music, Cympad, Discmakers, DW Drums, Drumchannel, Guitar Center, Kelly Shu, Kickport, Korg, Roland, RBH, Sabian, Slug, Superdrum, Taye, TRX, Videoblocks, Yamaha, and Zildjian.

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