Hit Like A Girl Contest Kicks Off Internationally

First Weekly Finalists Chosen By Hannah Ford: More Than 50 entrants from 15 Countries In Contest's First Days

Hit Like A Girl Launch

At the kickoff event January 24, left to right. (Stage) 2013 Under 18 winner Alexey Poblete, Mindy Abovitz, 2013 18+ winner Valeria Sepulveda. (Floor) Craigie Zildjian, drummer Dawn Richardson, Sarah Hagen (Zildjian Company), Laura Rivera (Zildjian Company), Debbie Zildjian, Sarah Heil (Heil Sound), drummer Senri Kawaguchi, Phil Hood (DRUM! Magazine), David Levine (TRX Cymbals), Don Lombardi (Drum Workshop), Prudence Elliott (Yamaha), Steve Fisher (Yamaha), Michelle Levitt (Heil Sound), Terry Platt (Crush Drums).

The Hit Like A Girl Contest, which was founded by DRUM!, TRX, and Tom Tom Magazine, kicked off at the annual NAMM show last week and has drawn more than 50 entrants in its first few days. The entrants to date represent 14 countries including the US, Brazil, France, Germany, Nigeria, Indonesia, South Korea, Ireland, United Kingdom, Colombia, Slovenia, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay,

Hit Like A Girl is the global contest for female drummers featuring prizes totaling more than $20,000. Girls and women drummers can enter in one of two age categories between now and March 1. Each week finalists are chosen by celebrity judges and industry personnel. Following the entry period there are three weeks of fan voting to help determine wildcard finalists. The finalists are announced March 24, 2014 and then the celebrity judges review all the videos again. Winners are announced April 4, 2014.

Everyone Wins Prizes

The top three finalists are guaranteed to win acoustic or electronic drum sets from Pacific Drums & Percussion or Yamaha DTX Drums. Runners-up 3 through 10 will receive additional prizes that may include drums, hardware, cases, sticks, and heads. All entrants will win something, though including gift certificates, digital subscriptions, web site memberships, or free instructional downloads.

Young Monster

Already the contest has garnered one especially young—and talented—entrant Milana. Just five years old she plays along to “Monster” by Skillet, a tune that features Hit Like A Girl Contest judge Jen Ledger. At the other end of the spectrum some of the entrants took up drumming later in life and are entering in their 40’ws.

See Milana play drums http://www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com/under-18/entry/milana

Weekly Go Pro Winners

Each week during the entry period from January 24 to March 1, the judges, working with women execs in the music products industry choose weekly winners. Each winner receives a GoPro camera and is automatically included in the contest final voting round.

For Week 1 the finalists were chosen by Sarah Hagen, artist relations director for Zildjian Cymbals, and Hannah Ford, the drummer for Prince’s 3rdEye Girl. And the winners are…

Under 18 category

Nine-year old Kalonica is from Indonesia and plays with great energy http://www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com/under-18/finalist/kalonicanicx

Jasmin Ulrich is from Germany and has been playing since age 6. She covers a tune by Paramore in her video. http://www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com/under-18/finalist/jasmin

18+ Category

AnyK of Germany plays an original called “Wild Boy.” http://www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com/18-plus/finalist/anyk

Susan Lucia plays a scorching solo with an unusual marimba-cello trio. http://www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com/18-plus/finalist/susan-the-drummer

Celebrity Judges

  • Emmanuele Caplette
  • Hannah Ford
  • Jess Bowen
  • Meytal Cohen
  • Dawn Richardson
  • Alexey Poblete
  • Emily Dolan-Davies
  • Cherisse Osei
  • Valeria Sepulveda
  • Allison Miller
  • Lux
  • Samantha Maloney
  • Sheila E
  • Kate Schellenbach
  • Nia Lovelis
  • Jen ledger
  • Didi Negron

Industry Judges

  • Mindy Abovitz, Tom Tom
  • Sarah Hagan, Zildjian
  • Craigie Zildjian, Zildjian
  • Sarah Heil, Heil Sound
  • Michelle Levitt, Heil Sound
  • Kim Willis, Rhythm
  • Jordan Liffengren, DRUM!
  • Prudence Elliott, Yamaha


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  • Crush Drums
  • Dark Horse Percussion
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  • Drum For Goodness Sake
  • Drum Guru
  • DRUM! Magazine
  • Drum Workshop
  • Drumchannel.com
  • Drummer Cafe
  • Enter Music Network
  • Evans
  • Go Pro
  • Guitar Center
  • Hail Sound
  • Hudson
  • Indian Drummer
  • Innovative percussion
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  • Music Radar
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  • Percussion Marketing Council
  • Percussive Arts Society
  • Performance Drumming
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  • Pro-Mark
  • Rhythm Magazine
  • Robert Downs Photography
  • SKB Cases
  • The Black Page
  • Tom Tom Magazine
  • TRX Cymbals
  • Vater
  • Women In Music Network
  • Yamaha DTX

For more information visit http://www.Hitlikeagirlcontest.com or call Jordan Liffengren at 408-971-9794 ext 201.

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