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Gavin’s Sticks

An elongated ROCK shaft with a blended taper and tip. Delivers an ideal combination of power and playability. With blue Vic Grip.

Gavin Harrison Stick

Gavin Harrison

Gavin Harrison was born in Harrow, North London, in 1963. His flawless chops and progressive approach to polyrhythms came to the world’s attention when he joined Porcupine Tree in 2002. Gavin has also been a member of King Crimson and was voted Best Prog Drummer by DRUM!’s readers in 2011. He is also a composer and one half of the duo 05Ric.

George’s Sticks

Built for speed! Blends popular features of the 5A and 5B. Barrel tip provides a clear cymbal sound and full drum tone.

George Kollias Stick

George Kollias

Born in Korinthos, Greece in 1977, George Kollias started playing drums at age 12. Known for his extreme metal chops, in 2004 he joined forces with the US band Nile. He now lives on both continents, playing with Nile and teaching at the Modern Music School in Athens, Greece where he schools students in (natch!) extreme drumming.

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