Ancient Tree Wishbook 2013

We hand-craft our solid-wood drums, one drum at a time, from the finest, rarest, river reclaimed lumber.

Ancient Tree Conquistador Snare

The Conquistador is a 14" x 6" hand-made stave, snare drum, crafted from the select, first growth, river reclaimed heart-pine found in the rivers and swamps of the Southeastern United States.

The trees are estimated to be 300 to 400 years old when harvested around 150 years ago. After cutting the trees, the loggers would float the logs down-stream to a saw mill. The logs that were heavy with heart-wood sank and were left behind.

Submerged in icy cold, spring fed waters for over a century and a half, not only preserved the wood but changed the density of the wood giving these drums their unique, rich tonal texture.

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