Aquarian Wishbook 2013

Real Drumhead Sound with Advanced Triggering built in!

The secret is IN the head.

Aquarian inHEAD Kick&Snare contents

You have never been able to be this creative with an acoustic drum until now: great acoustic drum sound combined with the added dimension of flawless Hybrid Electro-Acoustic triggering!

Play the way you play!

There is no need to sacrifice your technique, your finesse or your ghost strokes. The inHEAD is the most accurate drum trigger available.

Aquarian inHEAD Kick&Snare package

The patented inHEAD FSR Electro-Acoustic Hybrid drumhead by AQUARIAN lets you play your acoustic drums and access your electronic drum module without any unwanted crosstalk, mis-firing or loss of sensitivity. You can even play with your fingers! Buy Now

The professional Kick&Snare hybrid triggering solution!

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