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The Audix DP7 … The Industry’s #1 Drum Mic Pack.

Audix DP7 Mic Pack

The DP7 drum pack provides the ideal collection of seven microphones for a standard drum kit on stage or in the studio. A premium selection of Audix VLM™ dynamic mics capture the body and transients of drums at close range while a pair of overhead pencil condenser microphones cover the cymbals and create a stereo image of the entire kit. This award-winning combination of microphones, clips and mounting accessories is packaged securely within a rugged aluminum carrying case. $1,245 MSRP. Buy Now

The DP7 Drum Mic Pack includes:

  • 1 - i5 dynamic snare drum mic
  • 2 - D2 dynamic rack tom mics
  • 1 - D4 dynamic floor tom mic
  • 1 - D6 dynamic kick drum mic
  • 2 - ADX51 condenser overhead mics
  • All clips and mounting hardware
  • Rugged aluminum case

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