Crescent Wishbook 2013

A Tactile Immersion in Sound

Crescent Haptic Jamey Haddad

Master Percussionist Jamey Haddad has shared his love of music with the World. And for that, we are all a little richer. Now he has developed a cymbal series that will truly immerse you in sound like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Introducing the all-new Haptic Series, a tactile aural experience from Crescent Cymbals.

Haptic Series represents a bold new dimension in effects cymbals. Created by Master Percussionist Jamey Haddad, these handmade cymbals are incredibly sensitive yet explosive when needed. Molten Bronze hand forged to create a cymbal so resonant, so responsive, you’ll swear it’s alive.

Crescent Haptic Series Resonator

Available in 16" & 18" Hand Crash, 16" & 18" Hand China, and the amazing Resonator in 16" & 18" sizes. In stores now.

Hear them all played with hand, brush, stick and mallet at

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