Crush Wishbook 2013

You’ll never forget your first Crush Drums & Percussion

Chameleon Bop

This new addition to the Chameleon line brings a portable, affordable, and stylish option to drummers needing a great bop style kit. Whether your needs are genre-specific or just an easier transport option, this kit has great features including a lift included right in the box!

Crush Chameleon Bop

Chameleon Birch

The Crush Chameleon 100% Birch shell pack offers the time tested and proven sound of birch. This along with progressive and forward thinking designs makes for an amazing looking and sounding kit for a very affordable price.

Crush Chameleon Birch

Hybrid Hand Hammered Snare

This beautiful hybrid hand hammered snare has an explosive sound and a unique look. It features: Brass & Nickel Plated Steel Shell, Heavy Duty Crush Tube Lugs, 2.3mm Reverse Flange Hoops, Brass/Carbon Steel Hybrid Snare Wires.

Crush Hand Hammered Snare


Crush Drums & Percussion