DrumClip Wishbook 2013

Santa Has A Brand New Toy!

External Drum Ring Control Damper/Dampener

DrumClip clip

THE NEW DrumClip offers a strong and durable resonance control device for drummers, that fits easily and quickly into position. DrumClips are simple, effective and versatile and come with a 100% lifetime guarantee. DrumClips are manufactured in the USA and come in two sizes - Regular and Small. DrumClips come packaged with additional rubber and felt strips that can be adhered to the underside of the DrumClip to provide further damping options and give a slight change in tone and add a little warmth, particularly on larger sized drums if used with the Regular DrumClip. Both DrumClips can be used on top (batter) or bottom (resonant) heads and work especially well when used to control overtones from the bottom resonant head on toms and floor toms. DrumClips street price sell for between $6.49-$7.99

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