Gon Bops Wishbook 2013


Gon Bops Fiesta Cajons

Fiesta Cajons Buy Now

Fiesta Cajons offer unmatched tone and durability at a very smart price point. They’re perfect for students and recreational players! Available in Walnut and Mahogany finish with a FREE gig bag.

Gon Bops El Toro Cajon

El Toro Cajon Buy Now

Designed for acclaimed percussionist Efrain Toro, the El Toro Cajon looks and sounds simply stunning! Crafted from select Peruvian Mohena, it features inner guitar strings for authentic Flamenco Cajon sound. Hand-made in Peru by skilled Gon Bops artisans. Includes free gig bag.

Gon Bops Alex Acuna Cajon

Alex Acuña Special Edition Cajon Buy Now

With gorgeous inlay and superb craftsmanship, this Special Edition Cajon is smartly designed to reduce the sound of snare wires while playing bass tones. Sonically, it’s a combination of a Traditional Cajon and Flamenco Cajon. Includes free gig bag.

Gon Bops Mixto Cajon

Mixto Cajon Buy Now

Blending the Flamenco tradition of Spain with the authentic folk tradition of Peru, this is a remarkable instrument that boasts two playable panels. A unique sideways port design allows you to play either the front or back panel – or both! Includes free gig bag.

Gon Bops Bongo Cajon

Bongo Cajon Buy Now

Designed to play between the knees like traditional Bongo drums for distinct macho and hembra tones. Unique Gon Bops covered bottom design makes it the best sounding wooden Bongo Cajon anywhere, ideal in virtually any musical setting. Includes free gig bag.

Gon Bops Flamenco Cajon

Flamenco Cajon Buy Now

Lightweight wood construction and internal guitar string wires for authentic Spanish Flamenco tone, each one is meticulously handcrafted in our Cajon Shop. Includes a seat pad and FREE gig bag!

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