Gretsch Wishbook 2012

Tones that explode
with attack and volume

Catalina MapleBuy Now
The Catalina Maple Series begins with Gretsch’s carefully developed maple formula shell. Each drum is crafted to a very specific composition that ensures tones that explode with attack and volume and balanced, low-end projection that is warm and full-bodied. The drums feature a 30-degree bearing edge and Gretsch’s famous 5-lug configuration and are finished with a multi-step lacquer process that result in a durable, high gloss exterior that will stay beautiful for years to come.

Catalina Club JazzBuy Now
Discover one of the most versatile 4-piece kits ever with the Catalina Club Jazz from Gretsch. Its mahogany shells have a 30 degree bearing edge and project a warm, round, classic tone. Configured in traditional bebop sizes with an 18-inch bass drum not only make it the perfect jazz kit, but don’t be fooled. When you lay into this set, you’ll find that it can belt out any style, especially in smaller venues. Its distinctive sound and look create a retro vibe that will keep you grooving deep.

Renown MapleBuy Now
The Gretsch Renown Maple Series reliably produces ”that great Gretsch sound” because it’s built using classic Gretsch features. American Rock Maple shells with 30 degree bearing edges and die cast hoops deliver tone that’s incredibly warm and distinctively Gretsch, with an added contemporary punch. Additional appointments like Gretsch’s famous Silver Sealer interior shell finish and the GTS tom suspension system have helped make the Renown Maple one of Gretsch’s best sounding and most popular drum sets ever.

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