Hart Dynamics Wishbook 2012

Electronic Cymbals For The Realist

NEW Ecymbal III Pack (ECIII-3PKG) Buy Now
Are your electronic cymbals quiet? Can they swell? Are they made from real Sabian® cymbals? Are they acoustic sized? Can they trigger thousands of different sounds? If you answered, “No” to any of these questions you do not have real electronic cymbals. The new Ecymbal III pack keeps it real with a monster 3-zone 20" Ride, 16" Crash & a versatile 2-zone 14" Hi-Hat/Crash. Get the only real low-volume Ecymbal III pack for a complete electronic cymbal experience. $899

It’s All In Your Head

Kontrol Screen DrumheadsBuy Now
Are you convinced that Rubber or Silicone feels more real than an actual drumhead. Real electronic drums start with drumheads. Kontrol Screen drumheads use a proprietary mesh material that maintains incredible feel, remarkable sensitivity, durability, and virtually silent operation. Hart uses Aquarian Drumheads® to manufacture heads with a perfect collar to fit naturally around all acoustic drum shells. Magnum series heads are recommended for rack & floor toms and provide a full, suppressed feel. They can be optimally tightened between low and high tensions. Maxxum series heads are recommended for snare and kick drums and offer a dry crisp feel while maintaining extremely high tensions. Both heads on a kit offers snare and tom response variation. Use Kontrol Screen heads with acoustic drum triggers and turn your acoustic drums into a quiet natural feeling electronic drum kit. Now $23.99 - $44.99

More Cowbell!

Hart Hammer (HM1) Buy Now
The Hart Hammer is a versatile single trigger accessory pad. Give your kit a little something extra that performs in a big way. You can’t build an electronic kit without a Hammer. Now $79

Use protection against hoop and stick damage.

Drum Hoop Rim TrimBuy Now
Drum hoop rim trim fits firmly around all acoustic triple flange drum hoops and protects your hoop and sticks from scratches, dents, and breaks. Muffle rim shots and extend the life of your hoops and drum sticks. Sizes 8-10" $9.99, Sizes 12-16" $14.99.

The Studio Master 6.4 Drum Kit (DSB-SM6.4-TE3.2) Buy Now
The Studio Master 6.4 kit delivers professional performance without the professional price tag. No other kit features low-volume real brilliant bronze Ecymbals with an Epedal Hi-Hat Stand, and 2 zone 10" mesh Acupads, the most powerful drum pad you can plug into a module. The 13" Hand Hammered Chrome Hart Professional Snare completes this unique electronic drumming experience. Craftsmanship backed by a lifetime warranty means you won’t have to worry about the cost of replacing a trigger, ever! Plug in to a better electronic drumming experience with the Studio Master 6.4. Module and kick pedal not included. Now $1,999.


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