Hudson Music Wishbook 2012

The Fall Lineup

George Kollias

Intense Metal Drumming II (DVD)
$29.99 (2 DVD set)
A highly educational DVD that goes beyond “licks” to help you push your abilities to the next level. Topics covered include blast beat concepts and workouts, extreme fill-ins, speed around the kit, odd time concepts, reading concepts, practicing systems, general tips, and warm-ups. Also includes double bass speed, control, balance, and expanded vocabulary.

Joe Bergamini with Neil Peart

Taking Center Stage (Book)
$29.99 (208 pages)
A complete, full-color, historical look at Neil Peart’s career with Rush. Text & photos discussing the musical approach of the band, the construction of the drum parts, and Neil’s setup - including detailed diagrams of each of Neil’s drum sets used on every tour. Includes musical transcriptions of 17 songs from the Taking Center Stage DVD!

Ultimate Drum Lessons:Hand Technique and Rudiments (DVD)

Hosted by Dennis DeLucia
Useful for both drumset and marching players, includes clips from Steve Gadd, Keith Carlock, Steve Smith, Tommy Igoe, Todd Sucherman, Jeff Queen, David Garibaldi, Jim Riley, Aaron Spears, Pat Petrillo, Thomas Lang, John Blackwell, Antonio Sanchez, and Jason Bittner. Each clip has been selected for educational value, presenting interesting and challenging exercises and patterns to improve technique and agility with the rudiments.