LP Wishbook 2012

The Gift of Great Sound Starts With LP

Americana Series Cajons

Latin Percussion American Series Cajons are made in the USA under the strictest of quality standards. There are three Americana Series models: a String Style, a Snare Style and a traditional Peruvian Style. LP Americana Cajons are made using plantation grown Baltic Birch, exotic wood front plates and custom designed strings and snares for a rich, authentic sound that rivals any other cajon in the world.

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LP Aspire Jamjuree Wood Congas and Bongos

Latin Percussion’s new Aspire Congas and Bongos are made from exotic Jamjuree wood which is 15% lighter in weight than oak drums, yet still delivers stunning tone and resonance. The uniquely beautiful Jamjuree wood grain ranges from a radiant gold to a deep, rich walnut-colored brown, resulting in dramatic visual contrast.

The 28" tall congas come in a set of two with rawhide 10" and 11" heads and include an adjustable double conga stand. To complete the ensemble, LP has also introduced a matching set of bongos with 6-3/4" and 8" natural rawhide heads and steel bottom rims.

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