Maxonix Wishbook 2013

From North Pole to South, the World’s best stick holders …

Maxonix StickARK


Kick Mount 4x Drumstick Holder - innovative design that's easy, affordable & very effective!

  • Instantly Adapts – to all popular stick sizes
  • Quiet – stops stick rattle
  • Accurate – sticks stay lined up
  • Custom Fit – forms to all standard 8-10 lug kick drums
  • Dual Locking Wings – doubly secure
Maxonix Zero-G Drumstick Holder


Mounts in more places than any other drumstick holder & adjusts to position sticks in ways that are impossible for any other holder. Locks onto stands, tom/snare hoops, kick drum & more. It even works upside-down, so you can hang sticks from a cymbal boom. Get the ultimate control over your stick placement.

  • Fits – holds all standard stick sizes & many more
  • Fast – keep sticks up where you need them
  • Quiet – stops stick rattle
  • Adaptable – top rotates 360°s

Visit for more info, store list, or to buy direct. 'Tis the season to upgrade your stick holder!