PDP Wishbook 2013

PDP Concept Series CM6 Drum Kit

PDP Concept Series CM6 Drum Kit

Give the gift of drums this season, with a pro-quality kit that’s easily within reach. The all-maple CM6 is feature-packed and world-class drummer approved. It’s no wonder more drummers are choosing PDP Concept Series™ drums by DW for the stage and studio. Audiophile sound quality, road-worthy construction, and a price tag that’s sure to turn heads. What a Concept! $839.99 as shown – 18"x22" bass drum, 12"x14" & 14"x16" floor toms, 8"x10" & 9"x12" toms and 5.5"x14" snare drum (hardware and cymbals sold separately) Buy Now

  • All-Maple Shells
  • 6 Available Lacquer Finishes
  • STM (Suspension Tom Mounts)
  • True-Pitch™ Tuning
  • Graduated Counter Hoops
  • MAG Throw-Off™
  • DW Heads™ by REMO USA®
PDP Concept Series Double Pedal

PDP Concept Series Single and Double Pedal

Can a pedal be a stocking stuffer? When it’s a Concept Series™ pedal it can! An unbelievable build quality for an unbelievable price, Concept Series™ double and single bass drum pedals feature an ultra-lightweight Cobalt Cam™, XF Extended Footboard™, and so much more. Drummers everywhere are discovering a whole new concept in value-priced pedals. $89.99/$189.99 Buy Now

  • Cobalt Low-Mass Cam™
  • XF Extended Footboard™
  • Dual-Chain Drive
  • DW Spring Rocker Adjustment
  • Offset Toe Clamp
  • Retractable Spurs
PDP Maple/Bubinga LTD Snare

PDP Maple/Bubinga LTD Snare Drum

Drummers can’t have too many snare drums, so why not consider a PDP Limited Edition drum that’s soon to become a favorite selection? This 18-ply beauty boasts a 16-ply all-maple core with an exotic bubinga inner and outer ply. For a big, fat, warm tone and high-end appeal, look no further. $189.99 (5.5"x14"shown) Buy Now

  • 18-Ply Maple/Bubinga Shell
  • Dual-Turret Concept Lug
  • 2.3mm Flanged Steel Counter Hoops
  • True-Pitch™ Tuning
  • MAG Throw-Off™
  • DW Heads™ by REMO USA®
  • Also Available in 6.5"x14", 8"x14" and 7"x13"
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