Toca Percussion Wishbook 2012

Toca Freestyle Djembes — The ideal travel companion.

Freestyle II DjembesBuy Now
Toca’s Freestyle II Djembes feature durable, weather resistant synthetic shells that are lightweight and look and sound fantastic. Its synthetic, all-weather heads stay in pitch and resist stretching and drying. Available in rope-tuned and mechanically tuned models, Freestyle II Djembes produce crisp, high slaps as well as warm, deep bass tones. Whether you are a drum circle newbie or an experienced percussionist looking for a high-quality, all-purpose djembe, the Toca Freestyle II is the drum for you. Now available in the hand painted “Spun Copper” finish.

New Freestyle ColorSound DjembesBuy Now
Add a little color to your next drum circle with Toca’s new Freestyle ColorSound Djembes. These great sounding drums have 7-inch diameter heads and are only 12-1/2 inches tall. The lightweight synthetic shells come in seven bright metallic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. ColorSound Djembes are sold individually or in sets of seven, making them the perfect hand drum for educators.

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