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November 2011 Issue of DRUM!
November Issue of DRUM! Magazine


22 DRUM! Night
Performances by Terry Bozzio, Thomas Lang, Raul Rekow, and Karl Perazzo at our second annual shindig literally rocked our world.

36 Will Hunt
After being a fill-in and studio hire for as long as he can remember, the Evanescence drummer has finally come home again. Damn, it feels good.
By Bob Doerschuk

50 Jeremy Spencer
The bruiser behind Five Finger Death Punch goes from the boondocks to the big leagues of extreme metal, and lives to tell the tale.
By David Jarnstrom

61 Todd Sucherman Master Class
One of the world’s hardest-working drummers talks about Styx, key skills in and beyond his latest DVD, and the source of his bad-assitude.
By Brad Schlueter

Hand Drum

69 The Bodhrán Demystified
Unlocking the Irish frame drum’s secret charms.
By Jacob McCauley

75 Product Test
Tycoon Antique Copper Timbales
By Greg Juke

78 Lessons
Taku Hirano talks instrumental substitutions for thinking outside the box.
Glen Caruba illustrates key timbale cascara patterns.

Plugged In

81 Prepared Percussion
Ghetto tactics that yield great sounds.
By Gino Robair

Dialed In

88 Zildjian Gen 16
A digital-cymbal candy land, all at your fingertips.
By Norman Weinberg


90 Mapex Saturn LE Drum Set & Black Panther Snare
By Brad Schlueter

92 Remo Powerstroke Pro and CSX Heads
By RL Hulsman

Drum Parts

105 Dave McClain Of Machine Head
Plumbs the infernal depths on
“I Am Hell” from new offering Unto The Locust.
By David Weiss

Practice Pad

113 Wally Schnalle navigates the triplet terrain with hand-foot combos.
Rich Redmond puts the money-beat components together so you can go cha-ching.


29 Darren King
How Mutemath’s intense hitter found inner calm.
By Andrew Lentz

33 Dan Torelli
The Madina Lake pounder declares war on studio gloss jobs.
By Sam Pryor

Everything Else

7 Perspective
10 Feedback
12 Notation Guide
14 Single Strokes
26 Showcase
115 DRUM! Picks
120 Wiretap

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